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3 thoughts on “Affirmations

  • Jay Marks says:

    One thing I can say about Dr. Amy J. is that her yoga classes are so much more than a class, its an experience and FUN. She is very hands on and shares the importance of proper form. You have to try one of her private sessions, you will grow in your knowledge to have an extremely positive yoga practice. She is passionate about what she does and you will be to.

    • amyj44 says:

      Thanks Jay. I know you felt so much more comfortable taking privates first before going to a class. You are doing amazing! I am really proud of you. Keep up the good work!!


      Amy J

  • Jim Fielder says:

    In working with Dr. Amy J. over the last several months has really enhanced my personal growth using positive affirmations and now I am applying this in my business as well.

    Dr. Amy J. has taught me that positive affirmations make you conscious of your thoughts. To affirm means to say something positively. It means to declare firmly and assert something to be true. Affirmations are statements where you assert that what you want to be true is true.

    I highly recommend Dr. Amy J.!

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