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Dr. Amy J
DC, RYT, NLP, Sports Fitness Certified

Dr. Amy J received her Chiropractic Doctorate from Life University in 1997 and went on to develop a successful practice in Atlanta. She presently resides in Boca Raton, FL She is Yoga Alliance Certified, trained through Yoga Works in Manhattan and the Houston School of Texas. She has taught Yoga and Meditation for the over 19 years, has been teaching a variety of Yoga since the 80’s and with her Sports Fitness Certification degree, she has trained and worked with many athletes and private clients taking them to their next level. She is credentialed to teach Children’s, Senior’s and Pregnancy Yoga. She practices and has studied mostly Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Iyengar, Anusara and Restorative Yoga. Dr. Amy J has the privilege to work with individuals and groups suffering with Injuries, Disease, Addiction, Various Troubling Habits, Aging, Memory and Balance In Life. Everybody’s body is different which includes their minds, desires and wiring. Dr. Amy J is now a certified practitioner in NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programing. Her teaching encompasses various techniques on all levels.

Dr. Amy J established an Enhancement Center in Atlanta which she sold in 2005 after helping 1000’s of patients and clients. The Center offered Chiropractic, Yoga, Massage, Reflexology, and Individualized Private Sports Yoga sessions. She is known for creating and facilitating Yoga workshops and retreats with the “Power of Positive Thinking”. She educates and inspires countless people with her motivational and breakthrough seminars and lectures. Dr. Amy J works with Corporations facilitating Stress Management workshops and team building/growth opportunities. These workshops include: Relaxation Methods, Proper Breathing, Meditation Techniques & Team Building Exercises.

In addition to her success in the medical and motivational fields, Dr. Amy J emerged as a TV personality when she starred in her own Yoga show, “Yoga with Dr. Amy J” on AIBTV. You can still find her tv show at 6:30 a.m. You can also youtube Dr. Amy J or go to her website at PositiveEnergy4Life.com which has her Yoga shows, Positive Life thoughts at the GA Aquarium, some guided meditation, and various other experiential videos to bring a smile to your face and enhance your life.  She was also featured as a monthly host of an interactive radio show on Sports Talk America with Gil Tyree. Dr. Amy J was also a host on Breaking the Ice, a reality show about life and the different challenges we face personally and privately. With her charisma and expertise, Dr. Amy J has been interviewed on various radio and television shows speaking about Life and Health topics.

Dr. Amy J’s passion is in taking people to their next level in life whether physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. The human body is a “Gifted” machine and so is the mind. Her dream and mission is to continue to assist people in realizing and experiencing that….ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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