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Written with Heartfelt Emotions from my Soul

 Remember…This is just a Message I’m Sharing to Enlighten Your World

We are really excited to reach out and share an extremely important gift in our life called “Time”. I’d like to focus on this newsletter together. Lets take a moment to look at one word that can take on so many different meanings for all of us depending on our actions, experiences through life, what we appreciate and most importantly ourselves.

Will you join me? Can you take a moment to think about what the word Time means to you or what it represents? Did I lose you already…or are you willing? Let’s just think for a moment, is “Time” something that just passes and you don’t even realize the value and importance of this four letter word and the impact it has on who you are? Or do you value the time you have and use it in a wisely fashion, which I commend you for, but is any of that time for you?

thought for the day

Often for all of us, the challenges and expectations with the crazy busyness that has been created in our society, we don’t even realize that it is okay to take a time out for ourselves and just stop. With that being said, we certainly are unaware that when we do give ourselves permission to take a break, our lives and our attitude have the opportunity and means to take on a new perspective. This change of experiencing yourself as a human being instead of a human doing might be new for you. This can begin with as little as five minutes. You just step out of whatever situation you are in and just walk away, take a breath, be with you, get quiet and at that point you should see a change in how you feel. We all know intuitively or within ourselves when we have had enough and need to just stop and remove ourselves from whatever situation we are in or wherever we might be.


It’s wonderful to take a time out by yourself before you begin your day (a form of Meditation). This process is done with an etiquette of professionalism, yet clearly taking that moment in time to get yourself in a healthier calmer place which ultimately results in a better state of mind. This will enhance any relationship or situation. A very important piece of this is to really let go without carrying any guilt or worry with you. After doing this practice for some time, you will actually master stepping away with your mind to process what needs to be dealt with or just pausing while not even removing your body from where you are. The beauty of it is when you change your thinking to a Positive Mental Attitude, you will begin to notice that those around you change as well.

I spent some time pondering the word and the meaning of TIME. To me, Time is an illusion. Often 5 minutes will seem like an hour and an hour might seem like a few minutes. Time is also something we cannot get back, which is why the importance of being in the moment is so pertinent. Very often I like to play with words, and Time came up for me very strongly. I spent quite some “time” over a period of “time” creating an Acronym for Time. *An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the letters of a word.

With that, I came up with something from my heart that really represents the magical presence of Time. Try it on….

                      T= Tune

                       I= Into

                       M= My


 Miraval May 2013 (124)lowres

This to me is a message to remind myself that Time is not something to take for granted. Time is a special commodity which affords me the chance to experience and truly be in and on my journey.

I am so grateful for the aspect of Time. Time is such a major piece of Life where we can find that Peace of which we so often seek. It is so Universally and Spiritually connected to our being.

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole. How profound!

I thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts on Time with you. My intention is to always inspire you and/or enlighten you with Life’s miracles by bringing awareness or a light that begins to shine and create “aha” moments for self realization and growth. Whatever it may be, my wish for you is to live your life in a fashion that your heart yearns for. If you are already there, that is wonderful and I am sure you are able to make a difference for others. Always, be conscious in your everyday time to see that the end is with the last breath. So even at those times you feel confident you are already there… I invite you to look at where “there” is? Contentment and Peace of Mind are a special goal to walk you upon your journey. Taking Fear out of any equation, allows us to move forward.

Life can be looked at in so many different aspects…just know and remember that “Time does not Wait” So, with that, my wish for you is that you can find the inspiration, courage and faith within to acknowledge that each day you are given, whatever you choose to do with it, you are exchanging a day of your life for it!

I feel blessed to have all of you in my life! Keep breathing, keep believing! Keep growing and sharing leaving judgment behind and spreading Love from within your heart! And for today, remember…the greatest gift you can give is to love yourself, save another, and always be authentic!

think positive

Some extra tips I’d like to leave you with to enhance your everyday being:

1) Breathe: Breath is life! Breathe into your belly expanding your stomach as the air of life fills you up, and as you breathe out just let go as the belly button comes back through the spine. Breathe in Positive Thoughts and feel the experience of this. Breathe out anything negative in your life that does not serve you whether people, places or situations.

 2) Stay present: The Divine exists in the new. Neither the future nor the past hold the key to your lasting peace and happiness. The past and memories are what made you who you are today. The future awaits you with open arms. Do not stay stuck, but create a mindful consciousness to be in “The Present”

single tree

3) Gratitude: Take time out to write a list each day of things you are grateful for. The gift is to want and be grateful with awareness of what you do have and let go of what you think you should have. You are right where you are supposed to be. Acceptance and Gratitude are Huge!

4) Connect: The experience of connecting is an inner soul desire for all of us. When you do feel a connection, lightness and beauty begin to exude. Connection to a higher power is an even greater feeling of freedom and acceptance. You are not alone!

5) Always allow yourself to give with no attachments or expectations. Give yourself the honor and beauty of receiving. And remember for this moment and always…Just to Be and Be Just who you are! It’s then that the Best Gifts will come…

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