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Yoga FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What levels of Yoga do you teach?

All levels. Beginners and Experts are welcomed. I instruct Ashtanga Yoga which  is a form of yoga that is intended to build strength so it can be intimidating. However, the way that I instruct yoga includes every level, whether you are an expert or have never taken a yoga class. I promise you will feel the workout when you leave my class regardless of the amount of yoga you’ve done before.


Will doing Yoga help me lose weight?

Yoga is a powerful tool in any weight loss journey. Yoga is exercise and can be effective in losing weight combined with diet and other exercises. Ashtanga in particular is excellent for the toning of muscles.


Can I do Yoga at home?

Absolutely! Dr. Amy J hosts a yoga series that airs on AIB in Atlanta (check listings for show times). Her yoga series, along with other helpful videos for yoga at home, are available on her YouTube Channel. Simple search for Yoga with Dr. Amy J and full length Yoga classes will be at your fingertips.


What should I wear to Yoga class? Do I need to bring a mat?

Make sure you can move comfortably in whatever you wear to class. Spandex and stretch materials are ideal and sweats are fine too. Also, you can bring your own yoga mats or use one of the communal mats provided by the studio. Please be considerate of others and wipe your mat after you’re done with it.


Feel free to contact Dr. Amy J with any more questions. Whether you call, email or use social media, Dr. Amy J will get you the answers you need!


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