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Positive Energy 4 Life is a company that deals in Motivation and Healing. The founder, owner and key player, Dr. Amy J, has built Positive Energy 4 Life into an entity that tackles the enhancement of lives on multiple levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. As a television/radio personality, Yoga/Meditation Specialist and Public Speaker, there is a wide range of specialized techniques to relieve stress and create an exceptional feeling of freedom. The approach we use is designed to the specific audience we are targeting and the message we are sending for Mind-Body Connection. Our new Yoga Therapy techniques are wonderful. We incorporate Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, Body Alignment and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Dr. Amy J uses Yoga, Meditation and Positive Thinking exercises as a tool to develop the Body and Mind, but not as a sole instrument to uplift individuals. We acknowledge that to grow and better one’s self in any field, whether business or personal, there is a course with multiple obstacles that is imperative for one’s success. We also know there is never only ONE area in need of improvement. Through a combination of Physical, Mental and Wellness Coaching, Dr. Amy J inspires and encourages individuals and groups to perform at maximum efficiency levels ultimately leading to the achievement of personal and professional goals.

Positive Energy 4 Life uses Practical Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking to steer individuals in the direction that leads to Positive change. We create a safe atmosphere to open up and participate with a variety of techniques; the outcome is certain to take those who participate to higher levels with broader perspectives and a freer spirit.

Positive Energy 4 Life is for EVERYONE!

 Positive Energy 4 Life has and has had the wonderful Opportunity to work with



Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Sports Talk America Internet Radio

Newstalk 1160 “Better Living”

Decatur Montessori School

Infertility Women Groups


Perry Capital

Jewish Community Center

Concourse Athletic Club

Springs Yoga Center

New York Yoga

Batteries Inc.

Center for New Begininngs


Price Waterhouse

New York Life


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